Care and maintenance of upholstery fabrics

Quality maintenance prolongs the lifespan and increases the pleasure of upholstered furniture. Usually, furniture fabrics can be cleaned perfectly. Applying the right cleaning products with the right chemical composition is important for the cleaning success, as well as the way in which this cleaning product is used.

James conducts testing of her cleaning products and professional maintenance products in her private laboratory, on various furniture and fabric brands for color fastness and material persistence.


Furniture fabrics have the characteristic of hiding dust, so that furniture always looks dust free. This is the reason why maintenance is sometimes forgotten or postponed.

However, it is important to vacuum clean your upholstery. Use the mouth piece meant for upholstery and be sure to check it has no projections that could penetrate the fabric. Sweep smoothly and in case it is a fabric with a pole, always sweep with the flow.

The aim of vacuum cleaning is to remove any dirt particles that cause wear & tear, like sand.


The greatest concern on upholstery is skin fat. This manifests itself especially on the arm rests, head rest and seating area. A greyish or fatty spot will show. Skin fat can be perfectly removed using James Water.

Spray James Water on a dry cotton cloth and wipe the dirty spots clean using wide, sweeping strokes.


Stain removal is very often not done correctly. Products such as soap, vanish, salt, white wine, benzene and vinegar cause much suffering. Using our specialised products James Stainwonder and James Stainspray, one can remove up to 98% of all common persistent stains.


Please contact James if you would like to have your chair or couch professionally cleaned, we might be able to point you in the right direction regarding the method and products to use.

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