Solution for Soap stain
(washing-up liquid, soap products, soap, dishwashing soap, dishwashing liquid, dish soap, dish detergent)

Fresh stains


Immediate treatment with water

  • First remove, as far as possible, any loose substances using a spoon.
  • Immediately moisten a white cotton cloth with (cold) bottled water, wring it out and place it flat on the stain (do not perform these instructions if your product / material to be treated stains from water).
  • Leave the cotton cloth in place to dry completely, no peeking. Should the cloth become saturated, replace it with a fresh one as described above. Then leave the cloth until it is completely dry.

Persistent stains

James Water

Treatment with James Water

Always test for colour fastness and material perpetuation in an inconspicuous area: apply, leave to soak for 12 hours and evaluate.

  • Spray James Water onto a dry, white cotton cloth.
  • Use this cloth to wipe the purpose area using wide sweeping strokes. If the cloth attracts dirt or grease, you know the treatment is effective.
  • Repeat frequently with a clean part of the cloth, until you see the cloth no longer attracts dirt.
James Water

James Water

Contents 500 ml