Solution for Coffee stain
(nespresso, latte, espresso, coffee, capucchino, caffè latte)

A coffee stain? Don't worry, in most cases no problem at all! By following the instructions below, most coffee, cappuccino, espresso and caffè latte stains can be safely removed. Even coffee with milk and sugar is mostly no problem for our method and product.

However, there might be one problem with a coffee stain, and as you already know, it is not the milk or sugar. Coffee is a hot product. When it falls onto your carpet or upholstery when it has just been poured, the temperature might very well exceed 65°C. At such a high temperature, the colour might fixate into the yarn, increasing the chances of it not being able to be completely removed. But... always give it a try using the instructions below for a safe and effective treatment of coffee stains that does not damage your carpet or upholstery!

Fresh stains


Immediate treatment with water

  • First remove, as far as possible, any loose substances using a spoon.
  • Immediately moisten a white cotton cloth with (cold) bottled water, wring it out and place it flat on the stain (do not perform these instructions if your product / material to be treated stains from water).
  • Leave the cotton cloth in place to dry completely, no peeking. Should the cloth become saturated, replace it with a fresh one as described above. Then leave the cloth until it is completely dry.

Persistent stains

James Stainwonder

Treatment with James Stainwonder

Always test for colour fastness and material perpetuation in an inconspicuous area: apply, leave to soak for 12 hours and evaluate.

  • Let the surface dry well.
  • Apply James Stainwonder on the dry stain by holding the bottle upside down, putting the opening of the bottle on the stain and then treat the entire stain. Let the treated stain dry.
  • The product is active for 12 hours, so the effect does not need to be visible immediately.*
  • Has the stain improved after treatment but is not completely gone? Feel free to repeat the treatment.

* On wool: In the vast majority of cases, James Stainwonder will not cause any discolouration. You have already determined this by testing the product in an inconspicuous area as described above. In this case, you do not have to perform the following directions. However, should James Stainwonder cause a (slight) discolouration, you need to neutralize James Stainwonder as soon as the stain has disappeared (for this reason you should frequently look underneath the towel in order to determine if the stain is already gone). In that case, immediately place a moist cotton cloth (moistened with (cold) bottled water) on the spot where the stain used to be and leave it to dry (do not perform these instructions if your product / material to be treated stains from water).

James Stainwonder

James Stainwonder

Contents 250 ml